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Whether you are building a new house or replacing an existing roof, choosing IMCP’s hand made Enduro range of roofing products is simply the best choice you can make.

Our roofs are cool in the sun, quiet in the rain, strong in the storm and pleasing to the eye.

Our design philosophy was to produce a roof that looks rustic and in balance with the surroundings, not garish and out of place.

Our roofs outlast all other competition. The special blend of concrete ingredients is particularly hard and long-lasting. The first roof made with tiles so produced is still going strong over 195 years later!

Water collected from our roofs is completely potable. No nasty chemicals are used at all in our roofs.

Roofs installed using our technique have withstood even the strongest Hurricanes, and have been tested to over 200mph wind with no damage!

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Our paving products are all handmade and individually textured and coloured. They are produced with a technique that makes a very hard and dense paver that should not be confused with the “cookie cutter”, mass produced, products made by others.

The slight variation in size and often marked variation in colour and texture gives a very natural, and sympathetic feel to pathways and drives.

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