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We have been manufacturing Micro Concrete Roofing (MCR) tiles in Antigua since 2008 and so far, have installed over 70 roofs big and small.

At present we have 3 styles to offer.

All styles can be custom coloured to suit the colour pallet of the property.

Our tiles are handmade and as such give a rustic and ‘aged’ feel to the roof.

The tiles are designed to be fitted using the adhesive set method of tile attachment, as laid out in The Florida High Wind Concrete and Clay Tile Installation Manual 4th Edition and 5th Edition.

Our tiles require no mechanical fastenings and so no penetrations of the waterproof membrane. Other mechanically fastened system literally require tens of thousands of nail or screw holes, each a source of leaks.

Our method has been proven in testing and by nature to be by far the most Hurricane resistant method of tile attachment.

Typically, we use RTA-1 adhesive (Click here for the Miami / Dade NOA) as the adhesive and Polystick TU Plus (Click here for Miami / Dade NOA) for the membrane.

All of our products have a roof loading of only 8lb / sq.ft (approx. 33kg/sq. M) and as such can be borne by any well designed roof structure.

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